Peace of Mind

Let Long Beach Building Maintenance provide you with peace of mind. We’ll take care of your building maintenance needs without the hassle, keeping your building clean, professional, and safe.


Janitorial Services

  • day-porter cleaning
  • stocking and cleaning restrooms
  • vacuuming, strip and wax floors
  • window washing
  • carpet cleaning
  • dusting

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Construction Cleanup

  • cleanup of all dust and debris
  • seal finished surfaces
  • detail cleaning prior to tenant move-in
  • interior and exterior window cleaning
  • furnish restrooms with dispensers
  • parking lot cleanup

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Building Maintenance

  • painting
  • plumbing
  • light-bulb replacement
  • restroom aroma programs
  • specialty installation services

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Why Choose Us?


The toughest challenge in the janitorial industry is communication.  When our customers can communicate their needs, expectations or challenges in a convenient way, we are then able to communicate this to our staff and hold them accountable.  We use a proprietary app based software that allows our customers to take pictures, videos or message board with our cleaning staff and managers.  Ask us about this software and how the app is changing the industry!


Maintaining and keeping a building clean requires a variety of skills and supplies.  Why call a variety of vendors to perform work at your building when you could rely on one trusted partner to keep your building clean and well-maintained.  A clean and healthy workplace that allows you to thrive as a business is what we strive to provide.

Cost Competitive

In this competitive marketplace, the balance between competitive pricing programs and premium quality of service is what we aim for.

Our Clients

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