15 Jul

7 steps to re-enter the workplace with confidence

2020 has been a year unlike any other.  COVID-19 in particular has tested us all and revealed many opportunities for improvement in the way that we interact with each other and work in common space.    At the time we are writing this post there is a tension between the re-opening of businesses in Los […]
couple sitting in the sunset with a tree
04 May

401K Matching Retirement Programs at LBBM

The benefits of offering your employees a 401K matching retirement programs are undisputed.  There are countless articles written about the added value for attracting, retaining, and the moral boost that your employees receive when you invest in them and their future. 35% of private sector workers over the age of 22 work for a company that […]
13 Dec

Why You Need Diamond Floor Polishing (Forget About Waxing!)

Diamond floor polishing is not only much better at preserving your floor, it’s also cheaper. Here are 5 ways diamond polished floors are superior to waxed floors: Diamond-polished floors offer a super shiny finish. Instead of a glare, you just get a pure reflection. They have a ceramic finish that is extremely scratch resistant. Does […]
26 Nov

5 Surprising Ways Office Cleaning Can Help Your Business

Most people think office cleaners are necessary to take out the bathroom garbage and dust the shelves. But they can have a much bigger role in helping your business to thrive. Cleanliness affects your brand, your employees health, and your revenue.  Check out these 5 surprising ways that office cleaning services can help your business […]
24 Oct

9 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Janitorial Services Company

It’s difficult to know which Janitorial Services company to choose in Long Beach and the broader Orange County area — there are so many out there. And picking the wrong one can lead to months of a difficult working relationship and an environment that isn’t up to your standards. Asking these nine questions will help […]