Construction Cleanup Secure & Reliable

We do construction clean up and post construction cleaning for Long Beach and Orange County.

This is a partial list of construction cleaning services we offer:

  • Windows and windowsills, both interior and exterior
  • Corner detailing
  • Cleanup of all dust and debris
  • Floor vacuuming, scrubbing, sealing, and polishing*
  • Restroom ceilings, toilets, and floors
  • Cleaning and detailing faucets and sinks

*We possess extensive specialized machinery to clean all types of floors.

Here are 3 reasons you should choose us:

  1. CONSULTING. We help construction companies ensure their clients are happy by helping them structure the space. Because we study patterns of behavior in restrooms and other environments, we can give advice that creates maximum ease of use.
  2. EXPERIENCE. Our management team has been doing construction clean up for 20 years, plus we have the proper machinery, tools, and knowledge to treat each building right. Our employees are experts at using Ride-on Scrubbers (like Zambonis for the floor), extended window washers that can reach 5 stories high, burnishers, and power washers.
  3. RESPONSIVE. We are available 24 hours a day to handle emergencies of any kind. With over 80 employees, we can provide service in the middle of the night or on short notice. For example, a beehive moved into a Long Beach bank just before they were going to open, and during a messy extraction, honey was spread everywhere. We cleaned it pronto.

Since it’s cost prohibitive for companies to use their own employees for post construction cleaning, outsource it to a construction cleaning company like us. You’ll be glad you did.

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