Diamond floor polishing is not only much better at preserving your floor, it’s also cheaper.

Here are 5 ways diamond polished floors are superior to waxed floors:

  1. Diamond-polished floors offer a super shiny finish. Instead of a glare, you just get a pure reflection.
  2. They have a ceramic finish that is extremely scratch resistant.
  3. Does not yellow over time (like wax floors do, as they collect grime).
  4. Diamond-polished floors are much more non-slip compared to waxed floors.
  5. A single application lasts much, much longer.

So they’re definitely better. Now let’s look at the cost.

This is the average pricing to maintain a smooth concrete floor, like the ones at most grocery stores:

Average Annual Cost for Diamond Maintenance: $56,000
Average Annual Cost for Wax Maintenance: $80,000

So if you switch to diamond polishing, you’re looking at an approximate annual savings of $24,000.

Now, there is a cost to converting from wax to a diamond floor. The price varies between 10k and 30k for a grocery store, but the good news is that you’ll get a return on investment in about 1 – 2 years (the average ROI length of our clients is 15 months).

And from that point on, you will not only have better floors, you will be saving 5 figures a year on floor maintenance costs.

Now, I know you’re wondering one last question: are there really diamonds on the bottom of the cleaning machines, or is that just a marketing gimmick?

Well yes, there are real diamonds. It’s called a diamond pad, and it’s studded with tiny crushed diamond bits (and yes, it’s expensive — but not as expensive as that ring from Tiffany’s).

The real diamonds is what makes this method the Rolls Royce of treating concrete floors.