Most people think office cleaners are necessary to take out the bathroom garbage and dust the shelves. But they can have a much bigger role in helping your business to thrive.

Cleanliness affects your brand, your employees health, and your revenue. 

Check out these 5 surprising ways that office cleaning services can help your business achieve its goals. 



1. Prevent Worker Comp’s Claims

long beach office cleaningThe typical cost to an employer for a worker’s comp claim is $50,000. What are you doing to guard against that type of expense?

A good office cleaning company prevents unnecessary accidents from happening. For instance, there are many slips and falls because of rain (especially when it’s raining in Long Beach and Orange County, because people are unused to rain). We lay down special entrance mats to guard against slippery tile floors.

Even something innocent-sounding, like having an employee climb a ladder to change the lightbulb, can result in 5-figure expenses for your business. A company such as ours or our competitors can take on that risk for you with trained employees and insurance to guard against accidents.

2. Dazzle with a First Impression

exterior office cleaningYour entrance or lobby either sets customers up to buy or to walk away. Even something small enough they don’t consciously recognize it, like a stain in the carpet or smudges on the glass, will mean they have a lower estimation of your business.

There’s a psychological perception that dirtiness anywhere is dirtiness everywhere. Which means if you have dirty restrooms, they think your kitchen or office space isn’t as clean either. Pristine cleanliness is essential for your brand.

Outdoor cleaning is a service that’s often overlooked, but it can be just as important as indoor cleaning. Your common areas and your outdoor areas need regular maintenance to ensure anyone coming to your business will get a fantastic first impression. If you have an entrance, plaza, or other outdoor space, don’t let stains on the ground or gum on a client’s shoe ruin their first experience with your business.

3. Keep Your Employees Healthy

office cleaning long beachWorker illnesses cost employers $225 billion annually (yes, that’s billion with a B). Now, you’ll never be able to eradicate illness completely, but there are huge steps you can take to make sure the latest flu doesn’t spread throughout your office quicker than a cold around a preschool.

How hygienic is your workplace? Do you have touchless dispensers and faucets in the restroom? Do you have hand sanitizer stations at regular intervals throughout the workplace? Are your soap containers always filled?

The more touchless dispensers/faucets and sanitizer stations, the fewer germs will spread. Therefore, fewer sick employees, and a more productive work force.

Plus, even when an employee gets a little cold – a small illness, not significant enough that they stay home – the sniffles cause them to be less productive at work. People who feel better work harder.

orange county indoor air qualityLastly, indoor air quality can tank employee health. Many companies use terrible technology for vacuum cleaners, and even if they’re run at night, they’re kicking out particles that are practically poisonous for your indoor air. Make sure your carpet cleaning machines and vacuum cleaners are HEPA certified – meaning they use multiple filters that guard against dust being kicked out.

4. Maintain Your Brand by Improving Fragrances

Wonderful smells make people buy thingslong beach office cleaning services. Just ask any cookie shop wafting out the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, or a pretzel shop using a fan to blow the smell of pretzels out into the mall.

No matter what you’re selling, bad odors can sabotage your business. And not just restrooms, although restrooms are certainly important. Think about carpet that has absorbed stains for years and now has a distinctly bad odor. Think about nasty fridges stockpiled with dozens of moldy foods that nobody has bothered to throw out (yes, once a month we do a deep clean of the refrigerator). We also regularly find dead rodents such as mice and rats in your air ducts – think of that nasty funk pumping out to your whole business.

long beach commercial office cleaningDo you know why your restroom stinks? It might not be what you think. Sure, everybody suspects big Bob for destroying the porcelain throne, but it might be something a little more subtle. For instance, urine soaked into tile grout over years and years. Or urine or fecal matter soaked into bathroom stalls (yes, they are porous!). After a while, even soap dispensers start to stink.

What do you do to control the smell of your smoking stations for the employees that need a cigarette on their breaks? There are things we can help you do for smoke management. (Marijuana or tobacco smells are both terrible for business).

Nowhere has an absence of smell. Make sure the smell of your business is inviting. We can help you with office cleaning that solves those problems.

5. Save Boatloads of Money

office cleaning for orange countyHave you ever bought a $40 light bulb? If you’ve ever sent an employee on the clock to Home Depot and then required them to install the light bulb, perhaps you have.

And do you know how much it costs to place an order? Placing an order, receiving it, and paying the invoice – the average time it takes to accomplish all of that would cost about $70 to $80 dollars in lost hours. So reducing the amount of vendors you have for services – plumbing, electrical, carpet cleaning, window washing – simplifies your life and saves you money. Having multiple vendors is cost prohibitive, and time expensive.

Also, consider getting a lighting and water audit. Office cleaning companies such as ours will look at every part of your business and help you find ways to cut costs. For instance, if you change to LED lighting, your electrical bill could go down by $2,000 – $20,000 a year. And since most of the water being used in a commercial building is in the bathrooms, a water audit can help you find the best technologies in faucets, toilets and urinals to reduce water usage. We have a lot of tools in our toolbag to help you: Low flow toilet valves, waterless urinals, faucet water reduction devices (not to mention techniques for irrigation efficiency, which can save huge amounts of water).

long beach and orange county cleaning for officesDo you have solar panels? After we clean your solar panels, they’ll provide 15% – 20% more electrical production (and no, rain doesn’t clean them – it makes them worse).

After all, look at what schools, cities, and hospitals are doing – everyone has started to outsource. It’s better for your bottom line, and mitigates your risk. If an accident occurs, it’s on the shoulders (and insurance) of the office cleaning service.