The benefits of offering your employees a 401K matching retirement programs are undisputed.  There are countless articles written about the added value for attracting, retaining, and the moral boost that your employees receive when you invest in them and their future.

35% of private sector workers over the age of 22 work for a company that doesn’t offer a retirement plan.

However, many of the hardest working people in our society have been left out of this conversation.  We are talking about janitors, custodians, housekeepers- the often times invisible people that keep your work place clean and healthy.
Here at Long Beach Building Maintenance we believe our employees deserve the chance to invest in their future for themselves and their families.  This is why we offer all of our employees the option to contribute to a 401k retirement plan with a full employer match up to 5%.

52%of small business owners say offering a 401k plan helps attract better quality employees

As a Southern California based business, we understand how expensive it is to live and work here.  Oftentimes when your living expenses are high you will need every last penny from your pay check just to get by.  We weren’t sure how many of our employees would participate when we offered this plan earlier this year but we were shocked at how many of them immediately signed up.  

Doing the right thing for our employees is also good for our clients.  Consistency is key in this business and having a happy employee means that they do a better job and are likely to stay with the company longer.  This means consistency for our clients as opposed to hiring and training new employees that will clean our clients buildings.

Our employees are the face of our company, and doing what we can to support a better quality of life is key to keeping all of our businesses thriving.